Medication Change


Sorry about the long time between my last post and this one , I was having some real problems with my last medication and so in November went to my doctors and he put in an urgent referral to our local Adult ADHD service (It is in Norfolk luckily as I Know they are quite rare) I got my appointment letter soon after and in February I had my first appointment explained my issues and filled out a questionnaire on how I felt and how my ADHD affected my life and was suggested a new medication to try so we tried it out and it worked really well for me (Although I had lost quite a bit of weight , but we put this down to me having a dip in my appetite and so we aimed to eat more from now on) so we went up to the next level up and it worked even better for me and I made sure that I was eating lunch and dinner as I have never been a breakfast person. We went back yesterday and had still lost weight even though I had been eating so I aim to start having breakfast or at least some kind of protein shake or similar every morning. I also filled in the same forms I filled in on the first visit and less than half the points that I had got before (this is a good sign) and so I was discharged back to my GP and told to watch my Weight so I plan on getting some scales and Protein Shake mix.

I will try to keep this a bit more updated now that I am feeling better Thankyou for Reading.


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